Holland is a country that offers endless places to visit. If you have to move to Holland you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, cosmopolitan cities, romantic villages, museums, safe cities, etc.

  • Its capital is Amsterdam and it is also the most populated city.
  • The climate of Holland is mostly oceanic; Warm temperate due to the proximity of the sea but humid. Its extensive plains provide frequent winds. The more inland region of Holland is affected by the continental climate which is different with extreme temperatures, strong winds and frequent rains. It is a country with a lot of rains.
  • The official language is Dutch but the second most widespread is English so communicating there will not be a problem.
  • Public transport in the Netherlands is an excellent service: trains between cities, trams inside and of course the accessibility of bicycles!
  • Holland is a country that organizes different events during the year and many of them have cultural roots such as the flowers weekend, the mills weekend, etc.

Relocations Spain offers all the necessary services if you move to Holland as:

  • Home search
  • School search
  • Assistance and integration services
  • Immigration services before leaving the country of origin
  • Management of all procedures on arrival such as registration, permits, etc.
  • National and international removals

Relocations Spain offers a complete service from the beginning to the end of your transfer. We have been dedicated to services for expatriates and their families for more than 25 years.

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