There are more and more international educational centres in Spain. They offer a great opportunity for the student to know, in addition to another language, another culture. This modality opens the doors so that the student can defend himself outside our borders or to access to a prestigious university.

Many of the children studying in the schools are Spanish but there are also a large percentage of children of expatriates who want to maintain the language of the country of origin or simply to learn a new one. It also teaches them how to relate to others in an increasingly globalized and rapidly changing world.

In relation to the price, we must recognize that they are not within reach of any pocket. The price usually ranges between 850 and 2000 Euros per month per child.

Some of the international colleges, although all maintain a fairly high standard of quality are:

– BRAINS (Madrid)


– KINGS COLLEGE (various locations)

– SEK INTERNATIONAL COLLEGES (various locations)


-AMERICAN SCHOOL (various locations)



– THE AMERICAN SCHOOL (Bilbao and other locations)


International schools are a very good option to prepare children for the future in an increasingly globalized world where the languages ​​are keys that open many doors facing the working life. With international schools spread across the country we can say that Spain boasts a wide and varied education system.