You can drive in Spain with the driving licences from the European Union and the EEE (Iceland, Liechtenstein y Norway). To drive in Spain if you are a Non European citizen, you have to exchange your license to the Spanish one in the first 6 months from your legal residence.

To drive safety in Spain there are some regulations you need to know, the most important are:

  • The use of the mobile phone while driving is forbidden
  • The radio and the mobile phone must be switched off at the gas stations
  • You need to carry a reflective vest in the car and wear it in case you need to get out if the car is on the road
  • The use of the warning triangles is an obligation if the car is broken down and immovable on the road
  • Passing a car has to be made by the left side
  • It is an obligation to drive with the seat belt on
  • Wearing the helmet when driving a motorbike is compulsory


Blue and green lines on the floor imply that you probably have to pay; the amount will depend on the colour of the line, the neighbourhood and the duration of your stay. Put the money into the parking meter to get the ticket and leave it on sight on the dashboard.

Driving licence with points

In Spain the traffic code has a point system. Points will be removed or delivered depending on the offenses committed. You could not drive if all points are removed.

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