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Regarding our corporate social responsibility project, Relocations España wanted to opt for a more active role in supporting the global community and those in need of a helping hand that contributes to its development.

From the 1st of August a percentage of our company’s income will be donated to the Intermon Oxam Foundation. To be able to do so, we’ve chosen to use the European benchmark in sustainable banks, Triodos Bank. Triodos Bank uses the donations of its clients to invest in projects and companies with sustained social value.

We decided that our contribution will be directed to Intermon Oxam Foundation, because it is a non-governmental organization for development cooperation .(NGO), which focuses on providing a comprehensive response to the challenge of poverty and injustice for all people to fully exercise their rights.

Intermon Oxam works globally with innovative and effective tools to get people to overcome poverty themselves and thrive, saving lives in emergencies, helping restore livelihoods and promotes campaigns for those in extreme poverty situations, so their voices can be heard and influence in the decisions that affects them at local and global levels.

To read more information about the wonderful job Intermon Oxam is doing please visit their website:

Every time you choose to work with Relocations España you are also giving the opportunity for this organization to continue fulfilling their role in providing people with all the necessary tools to overcome extreme poverty, while constructing a more sustainable society.
We really want to thank you for your support and for helping us to continue making a difference!!
The Relocations España Management Team

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