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Our services adjust to the expat’s needs, by sea, land or air, providing the necessary legal advice on the laws applicable in each country, international law, processing of administrative and customs documents. We offer our own door-to-door network for the transport of belongings.

  • Personal interview, house inspection and free estimate.
  • Furniture inventory, assembly/dismantling, packaging/unwrapping.
  • Home cleaning service. Removal of waste.
  • Execution of tailor-made insurance policies.
  • Freight and customs.
  • Constant tracking of the move.

Relocations España is able to directly transport any type of merchandise all over Europe, by land or sea (in full or partial containers) and by air.

  • Flexible and open-ended services.
  • Direct services with a specific deadline.
  • Urgent delivery.
  • Door-to-door delivery.

We have:

  • Specific vans to transport furniture and office equipment, with tail lifts.
  • Special containers to carry documentation and computer equipment.
  • Moving belts to vacate and furnish offices.
  • Technicians to disconnect/connect computer equipment before and after the move.
  • Small, medium and large-capacity vans.
  • Long and short-term storage

These are the services offered by Relocations España both in Spain and abroad:

  • Transfer of personal belongings.
  • Transfer of electronic components.
  • Transfer of metal objects.
  • Transfer of engineering products.
  • Office relocation with unlimited volume.
  • Warehouse service
  • Transport of works of art and antiques.
  • Transfer of technological equipment (computers, medical apparatus, etc.)
  • Certified destruction of office furniture and material
  • Physical custody of files
  • Certified digitalization of documents
  • Custody of computer supports.
  • Transfer of pets.
  • Insurance.
  • Transport of racks and servers.
  • Processing of permits and parking for loading and downloading.
  • Customs.

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