When expats are moving to another country, there are many issues that have to be taken into account: The new job, the new house and in many cases a new language, but also if he or she comes with family there are other concerns that take priority such as the school for the children or medical care. Here is a short list of information on Spanish public health:

• The Spanish national health system offers a great coverage of free services and it is considered one of the best in the world.
• Foreign legal residents have the same rights as any Spaniard.
• If you need to go to the general doctor in Spain, you must make an appointment either by phone or in person. Usually and depending on gravity, the waiting time is 48 hours maximum.
• The health card is a personal and non-transferable document that accredits the right to receive the necessary health benefits.
In addition to public health, in Spain a private insurance payment policy can be contracted that which is faster than the public insurance in most cases.

The dentist is not included in the public health system (only in an emergency) but finding a dental clinic is simple.

Relocations Spain will help you with the registration process in the public or private social security system as well as obtaining the health card and registration in the health centre that corresponds to your new home.