Development of expatriation policies
Mistakes and a lack of organisation are commonplace in global mobility policies.
However, if these problems are identified, corrective action may be taken to increase the satisfaction of expats and reduce company costs.


Why is an expatriation policy so important?
  • A document is provided that helps achieve the company’s internationalization strategy and optimizes costs related to employee relocation.
  • Homogeneity is guaranteed in criteria applied when managing all international assignments of employees.
  • A response is provided to expatriate staff on related matters
  • Common criteria are established for all business areas related to the management of international mobility, enabling compliance with all tax and employment obligations in both the country origin and destination.
  • Shorter expatriation proceedings, meeting the deadlines assigned to each project executed by the company abroad.
    Our service includes:
    • Auditing of your company’s current practice in expat management
    • Auditing report: outcome, conclusions, recommendations and proposals
    • Benchmarking: comparative of expatriation policies in other sector companies
    • Development of an expatriation policy adapted to the company’s needs and aimed at corporate strategies (including a process map and procedure manual)
    • Policy implementation (internal communication, review and control, corrective measures)


Cost Management
This service helps our clients manage all their costs to ensure an effective, prompt and impeccable assignment, guaranteeing strict control of the entire process irrespective of the country of execution, different cost centres or the number of suppliers involved.
  • Approval of costs, in line with company policy (payments both to employees and suppliers)
  • Employee reimbursement of expenses
  • Payments to suppliers.
  • Management of urgent payments.
  • Payments anywhere in the world, in any currency.
  • Reconciliation and attribution to cost centres.
  • Follow-up on costs and updated reports.

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