Relocation Services


Comprehensive management of an expat’s relocation to his new destination. Our support begins when the expat is still in his country of origin, and only ends when the expat and his family are totally settled into their new surroundings.
Our aim is to provide expats with the necessary information to settle into their new surroundings.
  • Pre-transfer information
    • Lifestyle and conditions in the new country.
    • Residential areas.
    • Eligible schools.
  • Visits to representative homes.
  • Information package on the new country.

Finding a suitable home for an expat’s needs is essential to guarantee his wellbeing and that of his family, allowing him to fully focus on his work.
  • Study of the expat’s needs.
  • Complete information package on the new country
  • Pre-selection of houses and itinerary
  • Accompanied visits to pre-selected houses.
  • Review of legal issues related to the lease.
  • Negotiation and signature of the lease.
  • General inspection of the house and inventory.
  • Banking: opening of new account and registration/de-registration of direct bank debit orders for supplies
  • Call centre.

When a family transfers abroad, a specialized school search is necessary from the very start. This will ensure that any special need is located at an early stage and various alternatives proposed to guarantee a successful search.
  • Analysis of needs.
  • Information on the educational system of the destination country and different schools that adjust to the family’s needs.
  • Coordination of a school visit plan.
  • Accompanies visits to schools.
  • Help with the enrolment process.

We help both the expat and his family become familiar with and adapt to their new surroundings.
  • Analysis of needs.
  • Information package on the new destination country.
  • General advice to begin a new life and call centre:
    • Day to day: shops and shopping centres, post office, public transport.
    • Healthcare system.
    • Leisure and free time.
    • Safety measures, insurance.
    • Religious establishments.
    • Language courses.
    • Car rental/purchase; furniture rental/purchase.
    • Cleaners/housekeepers.
    • Social clubs for expats.
    • Call centre.

This is a real estate made-to-measure solution for short stays, globally covering the needs of any expats assigned to short-term projects anywhere in the world.
  • Information on up to 3 provisional accommodation alternatives.
  • Reservation and management of a provisional lease.
  • Payment of supplies, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Worldwide personalized service.

An expat’s partner is most likely to suffer the negative consequences of relocation, which is why we offer career advice.
  • Advice when drafting his/her c.v. in the destination country’s official language.
  • Personal interview for guidance:
  • situation of the job market and professional expectations.
  • Letters of introduction.
  • Networking.
  • Individual presentation and handling of selection interview.
  • 2.0 recruitment sources.
  • Reactive methods, such as the management of ads and mailing.
  • Analysis of job offers.

Support to expats upon their return in order to guarantee an easy, speedy and problem-free process.
  • Preparation of notice of termination of lease.
  • General inspection of the house and review of inventory.
  • Reading of meters, de-registration of supplies, mobile telephones, insurance, etc.
  • Follow-up on repairs.
  • Settlement of deposit.
  • Coordination of the move.

Personalized cultural support for better immersion in their new life, helping new arrivals to avoid cultural faux pas and to become familiar with different behaviour. Information is provided on social practice, both private and business protocol, communication and negotiation styles, daily life situations and other matters of interest. Language courses are also provided to cover every need (groups, one-to-one, at home, at the company, intensive, conversation, business, etc.).
Whether for a weekend or several years, we offer a furniture rental service. This immediate and effective service is aesthetically designed in order to comfortably decorate your new home for the time required. We take over the packaging of all furniture and carry it to your home for installation and assembly. In addition to furniture, we have everything else required for an operating home: household appliances, linens, kitchenware and accessories. At the end of the rental we dismantle and collect all items.
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