In Relocations España we aim to tailor our services to our customer’s needs. Therefore We are introducing our new Service RE 4.0. An easy, stress free virtual relocation service specially designed to medium term assignees that are coming to Spain alone.

We have seen an important increase in medium term assignments (between 6 and 18 months long) where the relocating assignee is usually coming to Spain on their own.

Often these shorter assignments don’t leave the relocating employee with much time to plan ahead their relocation, for example to come on a previous visit to find a house and gather all required documents for registration and immigration processes.

RE 4.0 is the ultimate virtual relocation helper, we are the assignees eyes and ears when finding a house. By using our RE 4.0 service the assignee will come to Spain to sign the lease and receive the keys to their new home, hustle free and ready to start their new professional journey in Spain.

With this service the assignee will:

  • Have a virtual orientation in the different areas of the city that according to the needs analysis we think will be appropriate for them to live.
  • After the needs analysis our team of experts will pre select a number of houses for the assignee to decide whether he wants to visit them
  • Once a good number of houses have been pre- approved by the assignee one of our consultants will proceed to do the itinerary as if the assignee was coming with them
  • Every house as well as the surrounding areas will be photographed or filmed to detail; at the end of the day we will email this information to the assignee together with all the conditions to securing the house.
  •  Once the assignee decides on a house, we will prepare all documents, negotiate the lease agreement and proceed to the signing. Depending on the assignee’s date of arrival the lease can be either signed in Person or it can be negotiated to be done by regular mail.
  • The day the assignee arrives we will accompany them to do the check in inspection.
  • We will make sure the assignee has the basics for the first couple of days such as:

– City guides

– A goodie basket

– Bed linen and towels

– Any other missing basic item

This service will help the hiring company to reduce all temporary accommodation costs for the assignee while he visits and secures a home.

Note: This service is not recommended for longer stay assignments or assignees that are coming accompanied by their family as the house selection process in these cases should be in person to accommodate the needs of every member of the family.