VERY FRAGILE … This is the phrase that we usually read in the boxes when a move is made. It is fundamental when we make a national or international move that the company that provides the service is totally trustworthy and gives us guarantees: making an inventory, making sure that everything is well protected, counting the boxes that are in origin and verifying with a count in destination, as well as checking at the moment of unpacking.

The cost of a national or international move varies greatly depending on the quantity, volume of the goods to be transported, whether international or national, the conditions of access, etc.

The OCU has done a survey to know firsthand the users’ experience with national moving services, the most common problems are the price of this service and, in general, the degree of satisfaction with the company in charge of the move.

The first thing they recommend when preparing a move is to request a detailed budget since one in ten users paid more than budgeted.

Relocations España carries out national and international changes as part of its usual mobility activities with more than 25 years of experience. It has a team of professional, a fleet of vehicles adapted to the needs of each project and the current environmental standards. This experience ensures a standardized process in each transfer, such as the rigorous inventory of the equipment, packing procedures – following the international FIDI standards, the level of service of the human team involved in each process, which also has many years of experience in the company.

If the objects to be transported require special care, we have special packaging for example for: works of art, glass, technical material…

Once inventoried, packed, stored in boxes, loaded and cleaned the space, vehicles will take the belongings to the new destination: either 10 or 2,000 miles, by land, sea or air. If you do not have a destination yet, it is possible to store your belongings in the furniture storerooms, regardless of length or dimension, because what is important is to adapt to the needs of the client.

Even an additional service can be contemplated, such as the delivery storage room. If you need something that you were already storing with them or leave something new, the mobile storage system will make your work easier as it moves to the address you ask for with your belongings so you can manipulate them.

Trust only companies that offer a guarantee and enjoy a comfortable and efficient move.