What is to apostille a document?

The apostille procedure consists in inserting on an public document, or an extension thereof, an Apostille or annotation certifying the authenticity of the signature of the public documents issued in a country that signed the XII Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, which eliminates the requirement of Legalization of Foreign Public Documents that should have effects in another country that signed it.


Thus, documents issued in a signatory country of the Convention that have been certified by an Apostille must be recognized in any other country of the Convention without any other type of authentication.

What documents can be apostilled? Public Documents

  • Judicial documents: Documents emanating from an authority or official linked to a State jurisdiction, including those from the Public Prosecutor’s Office or from a secretary, official or judicial officer.
  • Administrative documents.
  • Official certifications that have been placed on private documents, such as the certification of the registration of a document, certification on the certainty of a date and the official and notarial authentications of signatures in private documents.

However, it shall not apply to:

  • Documents issued by diplomatic or consular officials
  • Administrative documents directly related to a commercial or customs operation
  • Documents that, pursuant to other International Conventions, are exempt from being legalized or apostilled

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