After one month into 2015 we already have juicy news of all the things happening in the immigration world in Spain.
Spanish laws have always been a bit unstable when it comes to developing new administrative or Tax increase, this is due to the many modifications we’ve had in immigration laws in the past 5 years. As we were celebrating new year, drinking cava and enjoying some amazing Gambas, on January 1st the Law on estate budget for 2015 put in force a 1% rise on the administrative taxes for immigration purposes however those created or updated in 2014 are fortunate enough not to be affected

Entrepreneurs Law in 2015

 The Law on Support for entrepreneurs and their internalization published on September 28, 2013, has been developed to facilitate the residence of third country investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified professionals, researchers and workers performing intra movements, as well as their spouses and their children as long as they are under 18 years old.

This Act has allowed SME’s, among others, to attract highly qualified staff that otherwise, due to restrictions on hiring foreigners in Spain, would never had the chance to do so.

For more information and a comparison between the entrepreneur’s law and the foreigners act visit our New Entrepreneur’s act article

As a counterpoint, due to the serious backlashes of the crisis in Spain we are losing highly skilled Spanish and residents in Spain who are leaving the country searching for more profitable opportunities.
Many are wondering whether new regulations for immigration might enter into force this year, so far there is not a hint that would happen, but we will keep a close eye to inform you.

Good news for our Colombian and Peruvian friends!

It seems that the waiver of the short term Schengen visa for Peruvians and Colombian nationals will finally take place in mid-2015, there still to be confirmed the exact date by the European Parliament. This visa abolishment has been approved since February last year but it hasn’t come into force yet.

We are certain that 2015 will be a very active year for politics in Spain which will affect for sure some of the actual immigration policies. We all have our ears and eyes open to deliver information about any new development in our field.


Silvia Molina

Spanish Immigration Specialist

Relocations España