Improvements in the spanish housing market for 2015

Tax relief for families resident in Madrid for 2015

It seems that this 2015 will be cheaper to rent a home, which is a relief to the domestic economy of citizens,

the price of housing has increased a 1,3% in 2014 at least that’s what the appraisal companies estimate, saying that both newly constructed houses and already existent stand around 1.326€ per M2.

They estimate that in 2015 housing prices will stabilize which means that the offer of rental properties might increase since people will start investing more in buying properties, allowing our sector to be able to negotiate better conditions with landlords and agencies. This, together with other several positive factors such as a potential increase of the demand of purchased properties as investment and the banks being in more disposition to grant loans contributes to a promising year in the Spanish real estate market

To continue on the positive side, Madrid residents will benefit from more sources of savings; for example, the city council has approved to abolish the garbage tax, also to reduce or maintain the property Tax (IBI) and reduce the vehicle tax in 10%, This will represent an overall cut of 10% in the tax burden of families in Madrid for 2015


Leonor Pérez

Relocation Specialist

Relocations España